The History of AHS

Austin High School was founded September 13, 1881. It is one of the oldest public high schools west of the Mississippi and the first public high school in the state of Texas. When our Class of '63 attended Austin High, it was located on the corner of 12th and Rio Grande. We were within walking distance of the Capitol, downtown, and the University. This picture of the AHS was on our commencement announcement in 1963:

In 1973, construction began on a new location at 1715 West First Street. The first day of school at the new location, named Lakeside Campus, was August 25, 1975. Here is recent photo of the Lakeside Campus:

The building we attended now houses Austin Community College, Rio Grande Campus.

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Click this link to view/print "The Rio Grande Campus - 50 Years of History" reprinted from the official student publication The Maroon.

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