Baker Junior High School

As the final act of departure from Baker, members of the 9th graduating class of '59-'60
bequeathed the following:

  • Kathy Shive leaves all the erasers Mr. Pine and class have thrown at her to Leroy Click.
  • Mary Ann Mellenbruch wills her "severe" case of hay fever to Earl Hagn, along with her
    favorite saying, "does anybody have a Kleenex."
  • Barbara Carroll leaves her ability to be thoroughly confused to Frances Weise.
  • Butch Spalding leaves his address book to Scotty Moore in hopes that he will carry on this worthwhile chore. (Follow-up: Still a player in his AHS senior year, Butch was the escort for Almarie Magnuson at the citywide DE Club Sweetheart contest)
  • Bobby Dollar leaves his last name to Scotty Moore to spend in some way.
  • Bo Rothchild wills all his left over spitwads to the trash can.

Source: Baker Junior High yearbook

School Song:

Our Baker, we love thee
With hearts that are true,
Our school in its glory,
We're loyal to you.
Your courage the greatest,
Your spirit, your might,
May you in your victory,
Be the guiding light.
For Ever and Ever,
We love your green and white.

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