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  SFA Hall of Fame Inductee - Class of '63's
Mollie Gregory-Tower

Just in case you didn't get your copy of the class MARCH or APRIL 2014 newsletter...THIS IS A REEEAAAALLLY BIG DEAL!!!!

At Austin High School Dedication Day held on May 2nd,  Mollie Gregory-Tower, Class of '63, was inducted into the SFA HALL OF HONOR! MOLLIE, YOU ROCK! 

As it happens, our high school, which was founded in September 1881, is one of the oldest, continuously operating public high schools west of the Mississippi River. The “Hall of Honor” is located in a special room dedicated to honoring the history and traditions of Austin High, distinguished alumni who have made significant contributions to their community and to society, and honored faculty who are recognized for their dedication and contributions to their students. As part of the yearly celebration, a student-led Grand Assembly is held where honorees are inducted, and this year, at the following distinguished alumni will be honored:
Charles Pelphrey, MD, '35
Paul Ragsdale (deceased), '62
Mollie Gregory-Tower, '63


Check out comments from classmates who attended our reunion events on
May 17th and 18th 2013.

For more comments and photos from the events, visit the AHS Class of '63 Reunion page on Facebook.


Junior High and Elementary School Memories

Baker Junior High School Photos and Memories

O. Henry Junior High School Photos and Memories

Pearce Junior High School Photos and Memories

U.J.H. Photos and Memories

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 from junior high or elementary school.

Photos and Memories from Elementary School - Robert E. Lee, Maplewood

In Memoriam

Make a Donation

Adding in money sent in last week, we are now up to 127 classmates who donated to the Maroon Angel funds!!  As soon as I am SURE all bills have been paid, I will send out the exciting announcement about the wonderful scholarship money our class will be providing to the AHS Foundation. It is so thrilling to know that on the occasion of our 50th Reunion, the Class of 1963 "gave back" to benefit current Austin HS students as they continue their educations.

If you would like to donate to the AHS Scholarship Fund, please make out your check to ”AHS Continuing Education Foundation” and send it to: Marguerite Kelly Luedeke, 2306 Quarry Road, Austin, TX 78703. Or, click the Donate button below.

Click here to see MAROON ANGEL contributors and find out more about donations.

Senior Year Fun Facts

Join Us on Facebook

Mollie Gregory Tower has created an "AHS Class of '63 Reunion" page on Facebook. With 80+ current members, this is a great place to connect with your classmates and enjoy a little "face" time.

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Reading Corner

The History of AHS
50th Reunion Final Letter (6/5/2013)

Maroon Angels
63 AHS Newsletter (latest edition)

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Fabulous 50th Class Directory

The Reunion Committee created a Directory that includes a program of all weekend events, a Birthday List, current contact information and a bit of news for members of the Class of '63, and more. Purchase a directory by clicking the Buy Now button. If you have changed any of your information since 2008 and have not previously notified us of changes, please email Marguerite at: jkluedeke@earthlink.net 

Click here to contact us for more information about the directory.

50th Reunion Photo Booth Pics Online

The 50th Reunion created a lot of memories. Some of them were captured in the Bash Photo Booth. We'll have the booth again at the 55th and 60th for free!

Click here to visit the web site to view the pics.

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