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News Headlines



This photo shows our classmate Frank Mendez surrounded by his life-size portraits of Austin barrio veterans whose own stories are larger than life. Each portrait tells the story of a man’s success and what it took to achieve it in the face of adversity.

Frank's twenty portraits of these veterans display in an art show sponsored by the Disabled American Veterans on Veterans Day, November 11, 2020, to honor the 50th anniversary of the Vietnam War. The project will also provide a traveling art show honoring veterans from barrios.

Frank wrote: “To the last man, these veterans came home, went to work, raised a family, became role models for their kids, and raised successful children. These veterans are the silent ones who never get a plug in any media or discussion in any Vietnam Veteran Magazine.”

Click here to read the story of Frank's portraits in the November edition of the AHS 63 Newsletter!



Our class is so fortunate to have dedicated members who make sure we stay connected, even in the stressful times we encountered in 2020 and 2021 and the every changing landscape of 2022. Luckily our fellow classmates continue to join in with wonderful comments and stories.

Terry Hobbs Heller, aka Queenie, is our dedicated classmate who collects these little jewels and spreads the news via the AHS63 newsletter and email messages.

For 2020, Queenie has produced special 2020 issues filled with great stuff she reports as "royally entertaining" and notes  "It's amazing what this class is up to trying to stay busy!"

For example, here's Bill Mears spending his 75th birthday skiing with his grandson. Oh, wait, that's Bill 38 years ago! Anyway you get the idea.

You will enjoy that story and more in the June/July 2020 edition of AHS63 Newsletter. Click here to check it out!


On April 13th 2019, the Austin High Foundation held an event on the 6th floor garden terrace at the new Austin Public Library to celebrate contributors to the foundation. The Class of '63 was invited to attend for our class project contribution. The following members of our call were invited to represent our class: Jimmy Raup, Nancy Williams, Linda Burk Kemp, JoAnn Matthews, Barbara Huber Ward, Frank and Gigi Mendez, and Terry Hobbs. Jimmy Raup was the speaker representing our class during the ceremony.

The 1963 Comet was thoughtfully and proudly displayed.

More than 200 movers and shakers were in attendance and the AHS Jazz Band treated guests to a great performance. Kudos to Director (and arranger!) Richard Patenaude.

See the May-June 2019 newsletter for more information or contact Terry at tlhheller@gmail.com.

  Complete Birthday List
  No more excuses to miss sending a birthday greeting to your classmates! Terry, our faithful newsletter editor/vital communications connection/+++, has compiled a definitive birthday list of all classmates who've shared their info as of October 2016.

Click here to view/print the list.

  UT Tower Shooting 50th Anniversary

The July-August 2016 issue of our Class of '63 AHS Newsletter contains an article marking the 50th anniversary of the University of Texas Tower shooting event on August 1, 1966.

The article also provides an online link at www.towerhistory.org you can use to access a radio documentary and online stories.


Check out comments from classmates who attended our reunion events on
May 17th and 18th 2013.

For more comments and photos from the events, visit the AHS Class of '63 Reunion page on Facebook.


In Memoriam


Our 55th reunion party was held June 3, 2018 at the County Line on the Lake. This recap from our AHS Class of '63 June 2018 Newsletter says it all:

"It was the best of times, it was the hottest of times,it was the hour of our silvery dotage dismissed, it was the hour of our teenage revelry revived — it was our vale of two seasons, the summer of 2018 and our senior year, 1963...in short, two kinds of hot fun. What an amazing 55th Reunion of the Class of '63."

Jimmy Raup emceed the evening, leading participants in an evening of memories as he strolled from table to table getting stories from our classmates. Jimmy also reminded us, with a lot of help from the audience, of the huge accomplishments and awards our class achieved as AHS athletes, band and choir members, Red Jackets, and members of other organizations.

Get the full story of the reunion plus the scoop on "The Story of Marmaduke Hill" and much more in our AHS Class of '63 June 2018 Newsletter.

Questions or Comments?
Email Terry Heller at tlhheller@gmail.com or call the Queen (Terry) at 512.796.7554.




The Class of '63 Took On The BEST REUNION PROJECT EVER...
Helping the Class Legacy Project

In advance of the AHS Reunion 55 our class members were asked to raise at least $6300 for a counselor/student group talk session room and provide money for students who have to struggle to cover basic needs.

We are happy to report that at 55th Reunion on June 3rd, Amy Taylor [principal], Sherri Patten-Grubb [crisis counselor] and Elizabeth Kalbacher [PTSA president] accepted a check for $15,000 from the Class of 1963. The Class Legacy Project leaves a legacy with lots of class. The names of our class members were literally written all over it the check. We haven't done ourselves this proud since graduation!

This donation is enough to renovate Room 265 and to help every Maroon in trouble who walks in the door. Thanks to the support from the Class of '63, the counselors and teachers will not go begging door to door for money next year.

If you have a question or would like more information about this project, Click Here to Email the Queen (T Hobbs Heller) or call or text the Queen at 512.796.7554.


Fabulous 50th Class Directory

The Reunion Committee created a Directory that includes a program of all weekend events, a Birthday List, current contact information and a bit of news for members of the Class of '63, and more. Purchase a directory by clicking the Buy Now button. If you have changed any of your information since 2008 and have not previously notified us of changes, please email Marguerite at: jkluedeke@earthlink.net 

Click here to contact us for more information about the directory.

Honoring Our Military Service Men & Women

The November 2016 issue of our Class of '63 AHS Newsletter is dedicated to honoring members of our class and their family members who served in the military.

Our classmates shared stories and family photos or photos of  themselves and Terry Hobbs Heller did a wonderful job of gathering and presenting these stories using treasured photos and memories.

Click here to view/print this special edition.


Join Us on Facebook

Mollie Gregory Tower has created an "AHS Class of '63 Reunion" page on Facebook. With 80+ current members, this is a great place to connect with your classmates and enjoy a little "face" time.

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